From a Single Archive to Infinite Writing Projects

Writing about other people’s lives is increasingly popular. Some dive into search engines while others head to actual libraries. Still others seek out archives. These panelists, all from different walks of life and genres, will speak to their very different experiences and projects that came from two archives located on the Queens College campus.

In partnership with the Louis Armstrong archives and the Civil Rights archives, a select number of writers are chosen every year to delve into the eclectic materials of these respective collections. In doing so they create new art, engage with history, and enter into cross-disciplinary conversations.

Join us on November 28th to hear four former residents discuss their work, their process, and how the experience has shaped their writing.

Featured writers include:
Julius Baltonado
Mary Catherine Ford
Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz
Brenda Tapia

Hosted by Tyler Rivenbark.


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