Flash Fest!

A Festival
$5 entry fee
Deadline: April 19th?

Come, you playwrights, poets, funky-fresh fiction writers!  Come, all you short of temper, short of attention, but large of heart!  Come, flashers!  It’s time for Flash Fest, Playsmiths annual festival devoted to short forms.


A low, low entry fee of $5 puts you in the running for this one of a kind festival.  And entering is as simple as two steps (like my dancing):

Step 1) Pay $5, by visiting the Playsmiths website: http://www.playsmiths.org/#!flash-fest/c1s38.
Step 2) Send 1-3 short pieces (of any genre) to flashfestsubmissions@gmail.com.

That’s it.  (Really.)  You’ll receive a confirmation email once you complete both steps, and the fantastic feeling of both getting your work out there and supporting a really cool theatre group.  The winners get treated to having their work read by some really gifted orators.

The deadline is next week (maybe?) so hurry!

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