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Mimer Volta!

MFA alum Peter Vanderberg has a new review up on The Volta, of the fresh-of-the-press poetry book Mimer by Lance Phillips. As he, ever-so-eloquently describes the work: “The dialogue takes place in these short bursts over six pages. The feel is of a duel of perspectives, dual perspectives, evolving definitions, associative play, disconnect, connect. The […]

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Foot Faults: Tennis Poems

We’re proud to announce, QC’s own Roger Sedarat’s formal poetry collection, Foot Faults: Tennis Poems, was accepted for publication by Word Tech/David Robert Books (forthcoming September 2016). This will be the first poetry book on the subject of tennis to be published in English–that’s some racket, huh? Congratulations Roger! I don’t want to give you […]

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Last Call For Tupelo

Closes July 31st @ 11:59PM Tupelo Press‘ fly-July open reading period for poetry manuscripts (both chapbooks & full-length) is closing soon.  Have a collection you’ve been meaning to send out?  Check them out! See the complete guidelines, on the TP website, here:

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TONIGHT! Rattle’s New York Poets at the KGB Bar

Monday, July 23rd @ 7PM KGB Bar 85 E 4th St New York, NY 10003 To celebrate the publication of Rattle magazine’s Tribute to New Yorkers issue, contributors will gather for a reading at the KGB Bar in the East Village. The summer issue of Rattle features the poetry of 17 New Yorkers, and a […]

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Liv Mammone Finds Her Freeze Ray

I don’t snow how she does it, MFA alum Liv Mammone has three poems (three!) in Freeze Ray Poetry: Thinking of leaving without reading them?  Freeze!

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Anna Upon Waking

MFA student Elena Caban has a new poem up on the PDXX website, a popular organization for literary feminism: Read it now, before Anna wakes up!

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